Physio room refurb Phase 2

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Painting done

Sink Installed


Sussex Weald Bike Ride

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Provided Sports Massage for several weary cyclists.


London Marathon 2011

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Sports Massage for London Marathon Runners. Working from Charing Cross Hotel.

Sun 17 – SRM @ LM

Team Leader for SRM at London Marathon. 70+ runners most of them their 1st Marathon. Team members: Mark, Annette, Gemma, Jo and Mark.

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Groin Strain

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Dan carter out of world cup.

Groin Strain Treatment:

After the initial ‘acute’ phase of icing 4 times/day, 15-20mins for 3-4 days to reduce inflamation and pain the best exercise for a groin strain is

Ball Squeezes: Sit on a bench or chair and squeeze a small flexible ball, between your knees for five to 10 seconds. Perform up to 30 repetitions.

Hip Rotations: will strengthen and stretch your groin. Sit upright on the edge of a bench that’s tall enough so your feet don’t touch the floor. Spread your knees about hip-width apart. Keeping your knees still,move your feet away from each other as far as is comfortable, hold at end for 2 seconds max, then bring feet together and cross over. Continue rotating back and forth for 30 total repetitions.

Opening game Horsham RUFC

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Vs Parkhouse

Sightly dazed player.

Therapy Room Henfield

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A satisfied client.

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Dear Amanda,

Just thought I would let you know that I am so pleased with your treatment.  Bit sore, but well worth it!!. Amazing how moving seems so much easier, and the shoulders are better too.  Long may it all last!.  Thanks so much, and see you in ‘September. 

Angela, Horsham


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